About Next Future

The concept of an E-journal may have already receded into the backbenches of innovation, but its utility and concept remains invaluable. And thus aided by this technology, with many a vision in hand, the Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry too has embarked on this road to bring forth an idea and a cherished dream called ‘Next Future’ which comes with a different and definite purpose:

  • ‘Next Future’ explores and discovers those events, issues and ideas which may not be apparently very striking, but may be far more significant for the evolutionary progress than all that catches the daily headlines .
  • It  starts with the faith that we house an inner divinity and our destiny is towards an ever progressive manifestation of the inner godhead, however contrary the world may appear at present.
  • It very consciously seeks for all that expresses the best, the highest, the widest and the deepest in human nature, the beauty, harmony, strength and courage of the spirit.

It contains articles & columns on a variety of topics (literary, scientific, artistic, cultural, social) written with a deeper insight. But more than a journal it is a movement and a vehicle to bring together all those who are aspiring for and would like to participate in the building of a new, happier and better world. Therefore your enthusiasm, your ideas and suggestions, your participation in every way is of the utmost importance.

We invite our readers to participate in this effort and to be actively part of this journal and this movement. Please write to us and tell us in what manner you would like to contribute.

The name ‘Next Future’ was given by the Mother. Therefore we were happy that this journal was launched on the 125th Birth Anniversary of the Mother, celebrated on 21st February 2003.

Albeit small, it is nonetheless a beginning of our dream and the Mother’s vision.