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One Spoon of Sweetness Please

Has it ever happened that you take a sip of tea or coffee and immediately grimace because it tastes bitter? You may even glare at the one who handed it to you or then chide yourself for having forgotten to put sugar in it. But sometimes, it is so happens that that glare and chide is wasted because it was merely a matter of not having stirred the sugar, which lies peacefully at the bottom of the cup.

Life is pretty much like that. There is much sweetness in it and also moments of bitterness but, more often than not, it is just laziness or forgetfulness on our part which makes the sweet wait patiently, waiting to be discovered and stirred into our life. That sweetness is ever present and always at hand. And that sweetness is God.

The Divine is always by our side, waiting to be brought consciously into our lives. Stir a little of that Presence and it is no exaggeration but life does truly become delicious. So the next time you feel your face or your heart scrunching up, don’t be too quick to lay the blame. All you need to do is look within and find that omni-present lump of Sweetness to make it alright again.

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  • http://Website Amrit Chatterjee

    Wonderful! Truly our cup of misery can be turned sweet only if we care to stir within and discover the Divine delight.

  • http://Website Amal Sircar

    Excellent idea, beautifully written, worth practicing daily in our lives.

  • http://Website Nileen

    Very beautifully written.