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No Chance Encounters

Has it ever struck you that in a world full of millions of people, why is it that only some seem to have entered our own personal spheres? Be it a vegetable vendor or a taxi driver or a teacher or a best friend? Was it simply a random act, a mere shuffle of cards which resulted in this combination versus another or is it possible that each individual that breezes into our life comes with a deliberate intent of purpose and plan, even if it is for the briefest of moments? It may be that he or she may not have anything to teach us but what if by his or her intrusion we learn something about ourselves? Or what if we are in turn able to teach them? Either way there is always a give and take and thus, it becomes all the more important to welcome each newcomer with a conscious mind and openness of heart, trying to seize the moment when the exchange takes place so that no loss of opportunity, no squandering of time, no wastage of divine effort takes place. Perhaps it is far too easy to speak of such things and far too difficult to put them into practise.

But how tedious could it be to move from one moment to the next with the thought that we must give love to those God has placed in our path? If anything at all, this is indeed one challenge worth accepting.

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  • http://Website Amal Sircar

    The Mother exhorted to us “Cling to Truth”. If we remember and practice this maxim, then perhaps we may realise what you have written. Many thanks for the reminder.

  • http://Website Meera Krishnan

    very thought provoking.

  • http://Website Amal Sircar

    I like the question posed here. A conscious approach to keep ourselves aware of those persons, with whom we come into contact, will pay rich dividends.

  • http://Website Dr.K.S.Vasudevan

    Your editorial, starting with the question , “Has it ever struck you that in a world full of
    millions of people, why is it that only some seem to have entered our own personal spheres” was quite thought-provoking indeed. And it is certainly true as you observe that we must give love to those god has placed in our path. I recollect having seen some similar sentiment mentioned in the sayings of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba in words like “Nobody ever comes to you without any relationship or contact; if some animal or human being comes to you, don’t drive them away, treat them well”; echoing what you mentioned as “deliberate intent or purpose and plan”. Reading Next Future every month is like breathing some invigorating fresh air.

  • http://Website Ruby N Merani

    This bolsters my belief that people we meet by ‘chance’ have a special purpose.