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The Lord’s Prayer

What kind of a year has it been for us? All hailing from different corners of the country and the world, each of us has had our share of trials and tribulations, welcome surprises and unnecessary shocks – such is life and none can escape it even though our experiences vary in degrees from that of our neighbour. But we all know that it is only by clinging to that faith in a higher Intelligence that no matter what comes our way, we are willing to accept and overcome. At times, we may falter, but it is only natural for toddlers to stumble once they begin to walk. A second later, a helping hand comes along, lifts us up, and urges us to take the next step. That is the beauty of all life.

Many of us are in the habit of praying to the Divine for this or that. We pray out of necessity. We pray out of gratitude. We pray when we just want to have a chat. Our prayers carry all that we are and will be. And we send them with conviction that they will be heard and fulfilled.

But what of the Lord? Are we ready to address and fulfil His prayers? That is what we must introspect at the end of this year for that is what may make us take that next step, more confidently, more sure
of our goal, more in tune with the All-Life.

  • http://Website Madhava Rao

    Your article has instilled a profound sense of silence in my heart.

  • http://Website Amal Sircar

    Inspiring and reassuring. Compliments!

  • http://Website Rajasree

    Thank you so very much for this! I really, really needed a confirmation as to whatever is happening, is indeed bringing me ‘closer’ to The Divine!

  • http://Website Richard Stelten

    Very well written, and I would like to add this:

    Accept our fate and become entirely conscious that it is exactly the one which we need to advance in evolution, to thank the Divine for what It gives us, even if it seems to us not much, it is within the reach of many of us, and it is very well…but who will be capable of thanking the Divine when adversity will have ruined it, despoiled it and left it, as Job, naked on a dung heap?

  • http://Website Nileen

    Unique thought — urging us to address and fulfil the Lord’s prayers when we are all too busy with our own prayers to the Lord.