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A Full Circle

Before I begin eating, I am in the habit of offering thanks to my gods for being kind and generous towards my well being. I thank them for the food that I am about to consume understanding fully well that without it I would in fact be nothing.

Today, when I thanked god, I started with the usual – “Thank you God, for this food, without which I would be nothing.” But then, quite spontaneously I carried on, “Thanks to the farmer who with his hard work and toil has made it possible for me to sustain my body. Thanks to the plant for having the aspiration and will to grow, and then to sacrifice itself for my nutrition. Thanks to the soil that has kept itself healthy in order to enable the plant a maximum potential for growth. Thanks to the sun and the rain, for having provided the soil with all that was required for it to be nutritious and healthy. Thank you God, for giving us a sun and giving us rain, so that life on earth could flourish. Thank you God, for being in the sun and the rain, for being in the soil and the plant, for being in the farmer… thank you God for your kindness and generosity, without which I would be nothing.”

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