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A Moment of Gratitude

There is a right time for everything.

How often have we heard that?

But despite it being reiterated time and time again, we tend to take it lightly, giving little thought or meaning to the words, the implication, the truth that lies deeply embedded in it. That by itself would pose no problem but if we were to take it seriously and give it the respect that it deserved, it is possible that our lives would become easier to handle and bear with.

Knowing that nothing can happen until it is meant to would allow us to struggle less against the tide and instead flow along with it, carried by the assurance that it will deliver us to the shore in time. Every moment prior to that need only be a conscious preparation, every thought prior to that need only be a conscious aspiration.

To believe that each moment has its own story to tell would also mean that the Narrator of those very stories is far more astute and insightful as to what we need and when. To rely on the wisdom, to rely one hundred percent on the Story Teller is the best thing we can do for ourselves – that irrefutable reliance is the best gift we can give to ourselves. And any and every moment is perfect to make that offering.

It is overwhelming to know and realise that not a hair would move out of place, not a breath would pass through our bodies, not a beat would sound within us, not a speck of Light would enter the dark caverns within, not a moment would pass that was not meant to. All that remains is to acknowledge and send a prayer with every breath and every heart beat that we are able to help that moment reveal its tale in full, to live the moment as it is meant to be, to learn from the moment and move on to the next, to show our gratitude for each and every moment in time.

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