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A New Religion?

We all have our own ways of understanding things, events, words. What is meant by what is said or done is often misconstrued as something else, giving rise to conflict and turmoil where there was need for none. Thus perhaps it has been said that one must reflect before reacting. To pause, to think, to remain quiet – these are not just ideas spewed by philosophical minds but very practical solutions to avoiding disharmony in our lives. Some may term this as non-action but in truth, this is perhaps what could be understood as ‘right action’. In this moment of reflection, when our inner being remains calm and unaffected, the direction that we must take often becomes clear and what would otherwise have been simply a result of rash impulsiveness diving into the dark, turns out to be a quiet and determined response, full of at least the possibility of light. Perhaps it is time that instead of playing politics or blindly following decrees and dogmas, humanity as a whole should sincerely take up the one religion which could help and heal – the religion of Right Action.

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