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A Rainbow in the Making

Contrary to what many of us feel a lot of the time, Man carries a lot of goodness within. We perhaps lose sight of it not because the not-so-good is ‘more’ but because it carries the element of shock. And if you really think about it, only that can shock us when it runs against our grain, which brings us back to the point that Man is inherently good. This idea also allows many of the cynics amongst us to be more forgiving, or allow for a little more generosity of spirit and heart, not towards the perpetrators of the not-so-good but to the human species as a whole; in other words, we refrain from immediately writing off this apparent blunder of Creation.

Many wise souls have come and gone telling us that we are in fact God’s reflection. To some of us it may seem that the mirror is defective or broken for the reflection certainly isn’t perfect. But be true to yourself, allow the goodness to come forth, look into a puddle of muddy water and for sure, you will see a most radiant rainbow.

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    Your articles always lift us from the morass of defeatism, doubt and skepticism, into altitudes of hope and enthusiasm -- grateful for the same.