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A Single Vibration

Everything has a vibration. We have all been told that or have read that. And most of us would have experienced it for ourselves at some point in our lives. But often enough, to our own detriment, we forget. And in that momentary lapse of awareness, we see a different facet to our personality – at times familiar, at times shockingly new. The more one becomes conscious of the lapse and its resulting change, the more we assimilate and integrate this truth behind vibrations.

One beautiful example of how a vibration can bring about a change is when one veers off slightly from the Path. Many of us have undergone periods of inertia in our search for the Divine. We still want to pursue, but it becomes passive, while gaining ground are the old ways of life, ways that we had consciously tried to weed out from our being. Our mind tells us not to worry and throws up mirage-like images of our aspiration to find God, convincing us that we are still very much on track, but simultaneously, it nudges us into exploring the newly discovered or re-discovered vistas, which in our heart of hearts, we know to be unworthy of our pursuit. But catch us listening to our inner voice….!

At such a juncture, one may suddenly come across something or more often than not, a series of somethings, one after another, which carry a beautiful or inspiring or uplifting energy. For those who are open, it feels like being carried by a massive wave – one moment, you were underwater, and the next you are reaching for the sky. This vibration could come at an unsuspecting moment through any number of channels – a song, a book, a dance, a painting, a visual, a thought, an idea, a dream, a person, a word… and it can work in one shot or take different mediums to convey its message. If our aspiration is indeed genuine, it can be said, that it would be difficult to ignore the change within oneself. Perhaps that is why they say that one must surround oneself with all that has come from a higher consciousness, so that the being may never feel tempted to step off on the side.

It is a difficult task to remember. Even more difficult to practise. But perhaps if we remind ourselves that a single vibration can bring us closer or take us farther from our goal, the choices we make every step of the way may become more illumined.

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    a timely reminder and new vibration for me.