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Admitting our Addictions

Sometimes following the spiritual path is like entering a detox centre. The mind is plagued by addictions to various diseases – the diseases are nothing save our weaknesses that we have as yet to master. Anything that slows down or diverts us from seeking the Divine is a weakness and if we choose to let it linger, it takes the form of an addiction.

Our dependencies are best known to ourselves. They cross territories (mental, emotional, physical), they vary in intensity, they connive to remain forever. There is no medication prescribed here to wean us off other than aspiration – we have to beseech the Force to weed out the diseases from within. And this process of inner detoxification is almost endless, for man is as yet still very weak, lured by temptations that lead away from his final goal. No other human eye can monitor us and it’s all to do with self observation, self awareness, self control, self regulation, self evaluation. If we cheat, we are but cheating ourselves. There is also a tendency to treat this path casually – when that happens, the treatment we receive for our addictions corresponds to the degree of intensity we put into our own cure. But if we try and remember at all times that the Divine seeks us in our purest form, it then becomes imperative to clean up in order to seek admittance into the Golden World. There is no other way.

The question that arises for us then is: how sincere are we while identifying and admitting to our addictions? Until this first step, there can be no recovery.