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Answering the Call

Not all of us experience the call to the Path in the same manner. Sri Aurobindo tells us of some of the different routes our soul may take to answer the call.

Question: How does our soul answer the call that leads us to the Divine?

What you write is quite accurate about the true soul, the psychic being. But people mean different things when they speak of the soul. Sometimes it is what I have called in the Arya the desire-soul, — that is the vital with its mixed aspirations, desires, hungers of all kinds good and bad, its emotions, finer and grosser, or sensational urges crossed by the mind’s idealisings and psychic stresses. But sometimes it is also the mind and vital under the stress of a psychic urge. The psychic, so long as it is veiled, must express itself through the mind and vital and its aspirations are mixed and coloured there by the vital and mental stuff. Thus the veiled psychic urge may express itself in the mind by a hunger in the thought for the knowledge of the Divine, what the Europeans call the intellectual love of God. In the vital it may express itself as a hunger or hankering after the Divine. It can bring much suffering because of the nature of the vital, its unquiet passions, desires, ardours, troubled emotions, cloudings, depressions, despairs. Nevertheless all cannot approach, at least cannot at once approach the Divine in the pure psychic way – the mental and vital approaching are often necessary beginnings and better from the spiritual point of view than unsensitiveness to the Divine. It is in both cases a call to the soul, the soul’s urge – it only takes form or colour due to the stress of the mind or vital nature.

Sri Aurobindo