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At the Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo

Majestic Master of the immutable Light,
Calm traveler of the tortured paths of clay,
Love like a universe thronged within your heart!
All pain, all passion by the centuries piled
You took to your bosom like a cherished child
And bore dumb earth to the laughing gates of God.
Brooding in silence across lonely years
On secret heavens a-dream in infinite hells,
You found the hammer to break the Dragon’s Sleep
And free from the burying black the fallen stars.
But for each throb of God kindled in earth
You flung a human heart-beat out of Time:
You shortened your sovereign life to greaten the dust.
Your body, dropped from your spirit’s hold on high,
Lays the foundation of a clay-built sky!

– Amal Kiran