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Babies take Giant Steps

I am standing next to the bamboo groove at the edge of the small round pond at the entrance, watching the sun filter through the foliage. There is a gentle ripple in the green water of the pond and the surface is glimmering in the sunlight. Sachin of Receptivity Group approaches me from behind holding a notebook, evidently working on some project,

“Didi why is this called a bamboo groove – because of these bamboo trees?” He asks and answers his question, waiting for me to affirm the answer.

“Actually these are bamboo shoots not trees, as far as I know anyway, because bamboo is supposed to be the largest grass in the world. Ask Tapas bhaiya for more.”

“Really? Bamboo is a grass?” he’s quite surprised.

He catches hold of one bamboo shoot and swings while looking up at the leaves,

“So is this what an ant feels like when it is in the grass?” he asks, whether himself or me I can’t tell, but I can’t quite answer this question with authority. He’ll have to ask the ant.

I guess children are natural wonderers – wanderers too!

Harvinder Kaur

(Harvinder Kaur began her journey in education because it made her heart dance! After a regular job for some years, she worked as a volunteer in non-formal education based on Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy which was for her a turning point. An avid writer, she writes poetry, articles and stories on education and spirituality.)