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Be Gone, Ego

What is it about a New Year? How is it that a sudden switch of a number, a date, a turn of the page in a calendar, can bring such enthusiasm and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit? Almost invariably one is filled with a fresh sense of hope for the future, ideals and ideas, extra dollops of energy that come in unadvertised. It may be all psychological as the cynics would claim, but so long as the psychology bends towards the bright light of positivism, it matters little as to the cause.

And it’s also time for the R word at this time of the year. Resolutions. They may or may not be carried through to the end of the year, but in the same manner as all heartfelt wishes once uttered must indeed manifest, so must all sincere resolutions for they are the ardent prayers within our hearts – to make the formulation and send this prayer out is already one step towards concretizing it. So don’t give ear to those who shun resolutions, calling them a waste of time. A prayer can never be a waste of time.

“I must make this resolution today: I have to give up my ego.”

Simple and straightforward. No frills. No fancy point by point agenda. No clauses with pauses. This is all we need to do and the New Dawn will burst through. This is the universal R, the prayer of humanity – in it lies world peace, religious harmony, racial synthesis; in it lies Buddha’s Compassion, the healing Touch of Jesus, Mohammed’s Strength and Krishna’s Companionship; in it lies divinity that is to become ours.

So what is there to stop us?

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    The message on New Year’s resolution to get rid of “Ego” was very apt indeed.