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Beauty in Simplicity

There is such wisdom and beauty in things, thoughts, themes that deal with the Divine. So charming are they that whether one believes or doesn’t, has the faith or shies away from it, the idea expressed can’t help but appeal to most. What makes such potent words lovelier still is their garb of simplicity – while the outer sheath looks innocent and almost plain, the inner core carries a force enough to make our beings reel under the impact… like a shell which looks innocent enough but press it to one’s ear and the whole ocean sings through it.

To give an instance, in a conversation, this is what the Almighty said to Narad:
“If someone is in your thoughts constantly, then even if he is physically far away, he is not far. On the other hand, if someone is not in your thoughts, then even if he is close, he is far.”

Isn’t this simple enough to understand? Have we not all had an experience which must have conveyed the same realization? Where then, you may ask, is the potency of thought? What then makes this full of beauty or charm?

Bhagwan continues:
“If your thoughts are pure and desire intensely, then they can pull God from heaven.”

Indeed. A factual, realistic experience on the surface culminating in an expression of man’s highest aspiration, most cherished dream, deepest yearning. If this isn’t beauty in simplicity, what is? If this isn’t the most forceful idea to have entered man’s consciousness, what is?

And if such ideas exist, then is there something stopping each one of us from achieving them? What is?

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