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Between Horizons

The walk to God’s house is the most interesting one we could possibly take. For one thing, it is impossible to know the way from the start. The road is long and we have heard it is perilous and rewarding at the same time. How long exactly, one can’t say. What dangers lie ahead or what rewards will be showered upon us, one can’t know. But there are enough ups and downs to exercise our entire being. The scenery is supposed to be a mixed bag as well – with the most exquisite sights revealed to the inner eye or the equally ghastly and terrifying visions and images lurking in shadows. You feel your way as you walk on, getting smarter with each step and avoiding dark corners in favour of sunlit paths. There are times when you could get hopelessly lost – which adventurer hasn’t? But here’s the amazing thing: no matter how lost you may get, every twist and turn would still lead you back to the main path. All you need to do is hold on to your trust that it will happen, the way will be found. Some may say that the walk to God’s house is like walking to the horizon. Perhaps it is. But then, what matters is how we walk in between horizons. And as far as God’s house goes, it is wherever we choose to look, for is there anywhere where God isn’t?

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  • http://Website Pratima Patel

    I love this article. We all are on the journey towards God’ house led by no one but God him/herself! We have a choice to rejoice in the scenery of the path, here and now and not look back where we stumbled or worry about what lies ahead.