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Blame Game

The Indians didn’t fare well in the Olympics.
So we blamed the Federations.
A tragic accident took place in a school and dozens of children lost their lives.
So we blamed the school authorities.
A train derailed because some idle prankster decided to tamper with a track as he sat by its side.
So we blamed the Railway Minister.
An Indian working in a far-away land is held hostage by terrorists.
So we blamed the Government for not providing enough jobs.
A competitor is penalized for testing positive in a drug test.
So we blamed the Instructors.

And the list goes on… from the most mundane to the most serious offences, we, the average, the general humanity, sit in the classroom of Life and do what we can do best … blame.

Our fingers gesticulate wildly, trying to keep up with the pace of mounting faults and double faults… It is as if the error itself can be undone from our conscience the moment we find a target for the pointing finger. And yet, somewhere inside all of us, we know the truth. We know that we are as culpable as the federations for not having boosted our sportsmen and sent our children to excel in the field. We know that as ordinary citizens and parents, we have failed to notice or worse, remained indifferent regarding the deficiencies of a school until calamity strikes deep in our hearts. We know that irresponsibility is a consequence of failing to instill the right values and upbringing of a child, who one day may have enough strength to overturn a train. We know that the population is nothing but ‘us’… we cannot increase in our numbers indefinitely and expect the money-tree to increase its fruit accordingly. And we know… yes, this is the most important thing we know – that each one is accountable to his own sense of right and wrong. If we deviate from the path of truth, it is because we volunteered to do so and not because a coach wished to bag a medal.

Pointing at deficiencies is easy. Rectifying them is tougher. Identifying with them is the toughest.

For those of us, who are helplessly caught in playing the blame-game, there comes to the rescue, a beautiful prayer:

Grant me the serenity,
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage,
to change the things I can,
and the wisdom,
to know the difference