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Breaking Chains

Wisdom says that Man is an aggregate of habits. Good ones, nasty ones. Those that prove beneficial in maintaining discipline. Some which make us stray from the straight path through side-lanes. Habits of work, lifestyles, mannerisms. Habits of emotions, ignorance, death. Whatever may be the case, for most of us, each thing we do or say or think or manifest is somehow only following an existing pattern…a habit. Our comfort zone lies enmeshed in this web of conditioned familiarity, so much so, that when the Grace is upon us to make us realize the futility of a particular habit, at times, we continue to cling with all our might and trustworthy ignorance.

Yes, it takes time to throw aside these limpet-like psychological appendages. More importantly, it takes great amount of  physical, mental and spiritual strength—without these, it is an act well nigh impossible. A first step that proves helpful is the power of visualization. To imagine severing a habit, almost as a physical act of cutting a cord that attaches our being to that which is now an obstacle in our growth rather than a  helping hand, can at least begin the process of detaching ourselves from it.

Our individual effort to weed out the unnecessary is perhaps a small step in the giant task of cleansing the human species, as a collective, of its many habits, but it is nonetheless of huge magnitude for without it, there would be no growth, no movement, no future. Let each of us strive then, consciously with determination, to begin to unclasp ourselves from all that is an impediment rather than an aid. If the shock of a sudden void and consequent loneliness overtakes us, it is but a good sign that we have succeeded. And in that realization of success, lie the immeasurable vistas through which we can fly with joyous freedom.

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  • http://Website Ramesh Mishra

    Your article on getting rid of nasty habits and cultivating good habits in our day to day life is inspiring and very useful.

  • http://Website Amal Sircar

    Timely and Inspiring!