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Can Genes Make Me?

They shared the same genes and even a part of their bodies. The conjoint twins lived together, shared the same environment, psychologically and even physically, for nearly 29 years. They even died together! But they wanted to separate. Not so much because of the physical inconveniences to which they had adjusted. But rather because they had a different sleep-wake cycle, different aims and aspirations, wished to take up different vocations and, above all, had different self-identities.

So though they had the same genes and shared the same life, they had different personalities, a different self-concept and inner life.

Do genes and environment determine everything from body-type to personality, mentality and emotional life? Can genetic and environmental manipulation solve all problems of human life, from physical to psychological?

In this case it seemed otherwise.
Same genes — different persons
Same environment — different reactions

The answer is perhaps elsewhere. In a third and unknown factor — unknown to the physical scientist focused on matter but observed by the spiritual eye that understands beyond matter.

After we have probed the chemicals and genes, after we have measured, labelled and typed every neural pathway and its corresponding emotion, we can turn deeper and further to learn the secret of both matter and mind. There lies the secret of human life and the solution to its paradox and mystery.

“A sudden turn can come, a road appear,
A greater Mind may see a greater Truth,
Or we may find when all the rest has failed
Hid in ourselves the key of perfect change”(1)

1. Sri Aurobindo. Savitri. Pondicherry; Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, 1970, p. 256.