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Chasing God

Many of us are prone to working better when under pressure – the self imposed or external deadlines induce a sense of urgency and push us into keeping pace with our commitments and delivering on time. There are of course others who are conscientious from the word ‘go’, often finishing chores way before time. And last but not least, a few who are incapable of working under pressure or above it.

Every task in life demands us to fit into one of these slots. At times we may slip from one to the other depending on how short or long the leash is — it is not strange to be masters of time in our professional life and lax and laidback in our personal zone.

But where exactly does the Divine fit in? Many of the older generation say that they began their walk on the path to God a little too late in life while those younger claim they have little time to spend on such contemplations, struggling as they are to make a life for themselves. Some say that God chooses the moment for Light to flood our being while others hold that unless we begin to aspire on our own, the same God may not take us too seriously. Who knows…all of us have our own views, our own faiths, our own thoughts.

What remains common though is that a time will come, a moment will arrive, when we will stand face to face with the rainbow at the end of which lies the ultimate Treasure — the pressure is on all but each of us will deal with the unspoken, unwritten commitment of reaching it in our own way.

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    Those who have learnt the “art of managing time” are generally the achievers & their nature and temperament makes no distinction between professional and personal/private life. They are driven by rajasic guna but with tapasya they can switch over to a satwic mode in pursuit of the Divine Will.