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Dear Mother…

“She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire.” – Sri Aurobindo

February is the month of the Mother’s birthday.

And on such an occasion, one can only reflect, in the deep calm of one’s being, on the true meaning of this special day. For that, one must see the different aspects of the Mother, understand Her mission, imbibe Her wisdom, realize Her aspirations on earth, in the capacity of Her workers, Her children.

To worship those we adore and revere is wonderful, but not enough in itself. It becomes imperative after a point to enter into the vision of the great, and slowly, steadily, sincerely, become active instruments that lead to the manifestation of the vision. The vision of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo was the descent of the Supramental Consciousness upon earth. They worked towards this end only so that humanity may grow out of its present state of evolution, into a more glorious form, resplendent with Divinity itself. But in order to make this a reality, it is we, who must take up the axe and hack away at ignorance that has for long taken root and bounded us within. The descent of the Supramental took place 50 years ago… how much longer it will take for the full and final manifestation can only depend on the Mother’s children and their own determination and willingness to work.

And thus, on this wonderful occasion, let us offer our entire beings as a gift to Her, with the prayer that Her will be done, Her mission be accomplished.