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Defying Gravity

We find the play of gravity as a constant in every dimension of our life. Most of us take it for granted for we have become accustomed to it. But sometimes, we feel gravity in a different way. For instance, when in the throes of intense sorrow, the grief has a weight which almost pushes or drags us down. That is perhaps why it feels like one is drowning for it seems to take a super human effort to lift ones head and break free. At the time, it seems impossible that the pain would cease. Or perhaps at times when one may have acted against ones nature – once again, the ‘conscience’ is so restless and ill at ease that it feels pressed downwards. Contrast this to the moments of joy or love or wellbeing – there is an absolute abandon of all senses, carefree, soaring upwards.

It may not always be easy to be in control of our circumstances but if one at least understands how there are forces which drag us down or those which bring in a lightness of being, perhaps that could make life easier to some extent. To understand that gravity acts even on our emotions. To understand that a downward spiral is but a way upwards just as much. To understand that everything negative is wrapped in chains of iron which can only make us sink, everything positive is weightless for it lacks the burden of guilt and oppression.

All laws can be broken. Even the law of Gravity. To fight it and soar heavenwards is unthinkable only for those who find comfort in where they are. But it is not impossible. Just as in retrospect it was not impossible to get through that moment of pain.

  • http://Website Juginder Dhingra

    Couldn’t thank you enough for the inspiration.

  • http://Website Tapan Kumar Pakrashi

    Very inspiring. Shows a way beyond the present stagnation.