Moments Winging By...|Mar 10, 2008 9:48 AM| by:

Erasing the Black Dot

Human beings are notorious for creating problems for themselves. Sticky tricky situations where there is need for none. Bickering and quibbling instead of remaining poised and full of harmony. Irritation gets the upper-hand as versus equanimity. Anger is as easily accepted as doled out. We all understand the negative emotions far more than the positive, accepting even while retaliating. Perhaps this is due to our suspicion when something as nice and fresh as a smile in a moment of despair comes our way… is there something to be gained from it? Is there a contrary emotion dictating the love overflowing from the other’s heart? Is there something that doesn’t quite meet the eye?

Not to say that this is always the case, as it is equally true that love and the more positive emotions like compassion and gentleness are innate in us – however, what makes us decisively human, ironically, is what we tend to suspect the most. Good intentions are swallowed with a dose of salt. Maybe it is the state of mind that prevails in these times. Maybe too much has been endured to allow for that openness to accept something for what it is and not dig deep to reveal something it supposedly cloaks. Maybe it is a tiny black dot on the face of human history, waiting to be noticed….and then erased, for it doesn’t suit us and in fact tarnishes the picture that is as yet being painted.

Good luck to those who would like to embark on a journey to the crater within which makes that spot black, flushing it out, scrubbing every last bit. It may not be easy, but then, that’s what makes it worth the effort and challenge.