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Free Forever

Freedom is a strange notion. Everyone wants it. In every form possible. Freedom of choice. Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Freedom of art. Freedom of thought. Freedom of words. Freedom of gender specifics. Freedom from oppression. Freedom from dictatorship. Freedom from disease and death. Freedom from poverty. Freedom from pain and suffering. Freedom from an endless cycle of life. Freedom from this, freedom of that.

Freedom enters every door of human life – politics, marriage, family, profession, friendships, wars.

Everyone wants it.

Some have it, some don’t. Some have it, but don’t realise it. Nations have it, but citizens don’t. Clans don’t, but individuals claim it. No matter where you look, someone somewhere is striving for freedom of some kind. And wherever you look, there is someone trying to take away that very freedom.

But there is a freedom that can exist and be attained by every one of us, without the fear of it ever being wrenched from us. There is a freedom that has our stamp all over it and is only waiting to be asked for. And that is an inner freedom. Untouchable, invaluable, unshakable. Restricted to no one, no class, no category. Everyone of us has the ability to attain this inner freedom.

And once we have the inner freedom, it can only help us soar, from height to greater height.

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    Your article on Freedom was very thought-provoking. I was reminded of an opinion of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. He asked us to consider only “freedom for” instead of “freedom from”. He asked what would happen if you give freedom for the violin string which is tightly bound to the ends; what would happen to the music?