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Friend or Enemy?

Who really can be called as one’s best friend?

Is it someone who is willing to stake his or her life for us, stand by us though come what may, support and encourage us to embrace life and its challenges with strength and courage, guide us truthfully between shadow and light, be fearless in calling a spade a spade?


Who then fills up the ignominious position of being one’s worst enemy?
The one who threatens our existence, sends us scuttling into dark corners, weighs only gains without considering losses, plunders into our resources ruthlessly, ransacking our treasures of happiness and peace, connives, controls, corrupts?


Man has the potential for being another man’s best friend or worst enemy but on closer inspection of the traits mentioned, it would seem that the ‘man’ in question may not really be two separate individuals but one, residing in the same being. We are our own best friends and our own worst enemies, the two being illustrated only too clearly at different moments of our lives by our actions, thoughts, words.
If that is the case, it then becomes imperative that one becomes aware of who is taking the lead role and calling the shots, who is it that we want to embrace or push far away from us – the friend or the enemy.