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Friends Forever

Speaking about best friends the other day, it brought about the question of what the role of a best friend is – what makes one a best friend and what would one want from a best friend?

Almost all of us have this intense desire to be able to have someone who we feel closest to and more importantly, someone who in turn feels as intensely about us. One expects a bond of friendship so complete and fulfilling that the world could cease to exist as long as this support remained. A degree of loyalty, a promise that remains unbroken, a love that comes as close to being unconditional – one may not expect so much even from one’s life partner and yet these remain in our mind and heart when we think of a best friend. It is to him or her that we would turn when in dire straits or in need of a shoulder to cry on or in search of advice knowing fully well that the response would be one which has our good in mind irrespective of what words we want to hear while immersed in our cloud of confusion. A friend such as this has the ability to put balm on our aching wounds or making the sun shine through pouring rain or giving us that nudge that makes life worth living for another moment.

It’s strange then that some people say they don’t have a best friend. For if one goes by the description above, isn’t God just that – the best friend one could ever have?