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Giving Birth

It is held by many that one of the most difficult tasks in life is to have a baby. The experience makes enormous mental, physical and emotional demands on the person and most come out of it richer—not just with a baby in hand but with dramatic changes in the inner being, which may or may not unfold themselves all at once. They may be absolutely right in holding this view, and unless those who argue against it have themselves undergone the experience, there is little to object to.

However, life and nature is such that there is no dearth of scenarios to test others in similar ways. Be it a film maker, writer, painter or dancer – each move, word or thought is like giving birth to a baby. Whatever may be the profession – lawyer, doctor, engineer, architect, armed forces – once again, there is a creative force, no matter how subtle and subliminal.  Even if one is a clerk, salesman, postman or gardener, it involves the working out of a strategy, which is most suitable towards the work. In a way, all tasks in life, from the most ordinary to the most complex, involve a certain amount of difficulty that is in place perhaps simply to test our capability of overcoming it in the best manner possible and by overcoming it, we create something. If we apply our minds to it, it ceases to become difficult. If we lose interest in it, it resumes its difficult nature and leans heavily on us, dragging us down with it.

Thus in the end, it may be true that having a baby is exceptionally testing and unique as an experience, but the differences in difficulty with other tasks in life is only in degrees. It is our attitude which can make something difficult and it is our attitude that can smoothen all ruffles and make the very same thing a pleasure to endure. We are not just the result of creation but the beginning of it as well. Every moment in our lives tests us to see whether we can make something out of it, whether we can emerge richer from it. If we tackle our life with this in mind, we all have the opportunity to end up as proud parents.