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Growing Up

It can be said without exaggeration that many (if not most) of us at some point or the other have had to raise another living being – be it a child, a dog, a cat, a bird or even a plant. And although the subject may have differed and the experience may be varied, a majority would agree that there were indeed moments of extreme frustration when one combated with complete defiance or rebellion from the one being nurtured. Plants can be unruly, dogs can be aggressive, birds can be stubborn and a child can truly make one’s head spin. It has been explained away as a need to assert one’s position, or status, or simply carving an identity. It can also be looked at as a phase preceding and eventually leading to adulthood, or more appropriately, a process of growing up. Our ways of dealing with this extremely trying period vary as per our own temperaments and nature and it would be futile to pass judgements on those methods. However, there is no doubt that patience and hope, faith and prayer, can go a long way when the going gets tough.

Our relationship with the Divine is just the same. For Him, we are all children. Unruly at times, defiant at others, stubborn for more moments that we choose to count. He prods us to introspect, egging us to look beyond; at times we do, at others we dig in our heels and refuse to budge an inch. He shows us the path; we look the other way. He shines upon us the Light of benevolence; we make a beeline for the darkest corners. We all do it and we all do it for multiple reasons. There will surely be those who realise their folly and make amends, toeing the line of reason, of knowledge, of wisdom, of gratitude. But some of us, choose for the time being to grind our teeth, sulk in solitude, or simply wear horse blinkers because we think they look good.

Meanwhile, what of the Divine?

He waits. Patiently. Until we grow up.

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