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Hanging with the Uncool

Some say God is not cool enough for the world as it exists today.
He doesn’t know how to ‘hang’.
He doesn’t party; he doesn’t throw back tequilas or swig from Fosters; he doesn’t light up and blow divine rings.
God doesn’t know how to chill.
He doesn’t use I phones and I pods.
He can’t Facebook and definitely twittering is not his thing.
He doesn’t keep up with new fads and fashion is too farfetched for him.
He doesn’t race bikes off cliffs; he doesn’t eat live bugs; he doesn’t even have a tattoo.
He is definitely outdated, outmoded.
God is boring.

But what does this God do?

He makes sure that while we do all that He doesn’t, the sun continues to rise every day and we get to see it against all odds.

If God is boring, then so be it… some of us would rather chill with boring than with the ultra-cool. Maybe that makes us boring too. And maybe it is only a question of time before Boring is the next In.

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    Even if God is boring, the article is cool!