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Even the word itself sounds like what it means. But how little we understand it, and how long it takes for us to realize its play in our life.

The moment it hides its face, we wake up to its existence. The moment it turns up at our door, we allow ourselves a smile of relief and then promptly fall back into a state of forgetfulness, until once again…

Harmony is necessary not just between one human and another. It’s as important between our own mind and heart and spirit, between every little bit that constitutes us. It’s equally important between one nation and another, one continent and another. If maintained on all counts, the world becomes a harmonious place to stay in, live in, be a part of. Otherwise, it’s a nightmare. And no matter how we fool ourselves into believing that discord between two nations is none of our business, the truth is that somewhere and somehow, it will in time take a toll on us as well.

Once understood, it thus becomes imperative that one must constantly strive to achieve that sense of harmony at all levels without giving in to the thought that our little effort can’t possibly end wars and feuds.

A world without harmony is a world without joy – whether it’s our personal world or the collective world, to live in a joyless way is an insult to life itself.