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Hiye Kaaya Mein (In this Body…)


(From the Kabir Project)

Kabir evokes the simultaneous beauty and fragility of our body-selves through a series of metaphors in this song. We are vessels of clay, crumbling at a blow, we are a string of pearls, scattering in an instant…

In June 2010, the Kabir Project team pitched camp in the desert heat of Kutch, Gujarat for an intense 5 days of day and night recordings with folk and Sufi singers of Kutch, Gujarat. In a late night recording, the feisty and effervescent folk singer Mooralala Marwada, surprised all of us with this gentle and lilting Kabir bhajan. We dropped the dholak, and decided to keep the track light, underscored only by the rhythm of the ghada ghamela…

Mooralala Marwada is the eighth in his family lineage of singers, and has an infectious and irrepressible joy in singing. Though he lives in Khadeer, Kutch, a border district of Gujarat, his ancestry is from the Meghwal community of Rajasthan, and he sings bhajans of Kabir, Meera, Ravidas and other Bhakti poets, and also kaafis of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai.