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How do you Sleep?

There’s a song by renowned singer John Lennon in which he says, “How do you sleep…?” – he is referring to another singer and friend who seemingly betrayed him and thus, he wonders whether his guilt doesn’t keep him awake at night.

The fact is, how do we sleep… how do any of us sleep?

It doesn’t matter if our own lives are pure and perfect, but when the world is so far from reaching its ultimate ideal, its final form of manifestation, then the events which are like obstinate obstacles along the way, slowing down the race to the finishing line, create a pressing need and urgency which is enough to keep one awake.

The idea is not to forgo sleep but to steadfastly hold on to the sense of awareness and be alert and conscious of everything that is happening because everything, every event, every moment, has within it a hidden opportunity. If we are able to see it, we can use it to move forward, and each step forward, is a step taken collectively just as each step backward is also a step taken collectively. The life of humanity is made up of this constant dance where for partners we have our very opposites.

The question remains – who is going to lead the dance?

The world is certainly changing in front of our eyes and even though most of it looks ugly and we wonder if this is the change we want, underneath these very shades of darkness is hidden the golden light. But if we have realized its presence, then it is not enough to bask in our realization alone. We have to help it to come out, help it to break through this hardened crust of ignorance and inconscience. That is the very purpose of our realization, it is why Grace chose us to see through the illusionary veil.

The solution is so simple, so beautiful, so much fun… it all lies in the trick of who leads in the dance of man. Is it you? And if its not, then…how you sleep?

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