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How to Escape Education’s Death Valley

“Education is not a mechanical system; it is a human system. It’s about people.” – Ken Robinson

Any reader of Next Future would know that Ken Robinson is my favourite when it comes to present-day educationists. Wit apart, what makes Mr. Robinson so endearing is that he sounds genuinely concerned, wonderfully informed and deeply perceptive, a combination of qualities which by itself is a bit of a rarity these days. I have showcased his talk ( in an earlier issue and present another one here where he speaks in a similar vein but stressing on the role of teachers. He says that teaching isn’t a delivery system and that it is the job of teachers to mentor, stimulate,  engage and provoke children for they are natural learners, driven by curiosity. In today’s system (prevalent largely across the world), the emphasis is more on conformity rather than diversity but if the teacher were to sincerely facilitate learning by awakening the powers of creativity, education would no longer seem to be an industrial process. I’m sure you will not only find this talk thought-provoking but also relate to it in many ways and perhaps that may help us to make the change.

(Thank you TED for this talk)