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In the Moment

Moment by moment. Years upon years. Life after life. The cycle repeats itself ad infinitum. Some things change, some don’t. And the one thing which needs to desperately break itself from this predictable cycle is our constant need for that which is not ours to have. Our craving is ceaseless. And in the bargain we commit a crime. The crime of forgetting or neglecting what we do have. Even what little we have is something someone out there doesn’t. Be it financial or emotional or physical or spiritual.

To aspire for everything that leads to a more evolved state is no doubt good and ideal but not without acknowledging and showing gratitude for being allowed to stand in the place we are in even at this moment in time. That too is a boon. If you believe that it is the hand of God that delivers every breath and heartbeat of your life, then to constantly believe the other side of the fence to be greener is futile. The greenest, the most lush, the only spot to be in, is the one you are in right now. When the Gods deem fit, they themselves will pick us from where we are and place us where we should be.

Our task is to remain in the present. It is to be eternally thankful for what we have rather than in turmoil for what we don’t. Little wonder then that the wise said it is a crime to covet what is not ours.

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    This should be the mantra for Humanity.