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Is it Necessary to Call the Divine if We Need Help?

All around us, we see violence, destruction of what is beautiful, infliction of suffering on others.  And no country, race, religion, or political and social structure seems to be immune from it.  Not only is it very widespread, but also, we find that people even take a perverse joy in behaving in this manner while claiming that we are rational beings, living in a highly evolved culture and civilization.

The question arises why is it so?  Why do people like doing wrong things?  Why do we find, even in our own selves, at times these hidden movements?

The Mother was once asked:
Question:  Doesn’t the Divine help if he is not called?

Here is the Mother’s answer, as she explained it to the children, bringing out a great spiritual truth in a way which is simple and all can understand.

The Working of the Divine Grace

It is not altogether like that…. The divine Consciousness works always, everywhere and in the same way. The divine Grace is active everywhere, and in all circumstances in the same way. And so on. But according to your personal attitude, you create within yourself the conditions for receiving what is done or not receiving it.
Importance of Trust

And trust—indeed, trust in the Truth, trust in the Grace, trust in the divine Knowledge—this puts you in that state of receptivity in which you can receive these things. Whilst, if you have no trust… you may still try to receive something—there are people, for instance, who fling a sort of challenge, they throw a challenge at the Divine and tell him: “Here’s the situation such as it is, I am in these conditions which seem to me at least inextricable, it is impossible to get out of them. But if the Divine pulls me out of the difficulty, I shall put my trust in him.”

There are many people—they do not formulate it like this but many feel and think in this way. Well, this is the worst of all possible conditions. Generally it puts you into a complete hole. And it is exactly the state most opposed to trustfulness.

No Bargaining

And besides, it is quite a vulgar bargaining: “If you do this for me, I shall have faith that you exist. I am going to try and see if you really exist and whether you are what they say. Do this, and we are going to see clearly if you succeed. Then I shall trust in you.” And many people do that, even without being aware of it. Any number of men say: “How can I have trust in the Divine? I have such a lamentable and unhappy life!” That is to say, they limit the divine Consciousness to their little personal needs.

An atom of Sincerity

    If one has the trust, does the help come automatically?

Even an atom of sincerity suffices, and it comes. And if, truly, one calls very sincerely (not just calling and at the same time saying, “We are going to see now if it is going to succeed”— that naturally is not a very good condition), but if one calls very sincerely and sincerely needs the answer, one waits and it always comes.

And if one can silence one’s mind and be a little quiet, one even perceives the coming of the help and what form it takes.

— The Mother