Moments Winging By...|Nov 20, 2011 6:39 AM| by:

Jumping Hurdles

Life is so incredibly interesting. Every step of the way, one comes across something new that challenges our very being. It’s as if a fresh dialogue is inserted into the script at the last minute and catches us totally off-guard. Not all are ready. Not all are unaware. So if we catch ourselves in the nick of time, everything falls into place and flows smoothly. But if we don’t, we bumble and curse. We complain. We scream and shout and lay the blame wherever we can. Not all, but many of us are guilty of this. What we forget at that moment is that the Hand that writes isn’t unaware like us. It is, rather, fully conscious of what It is doing and why. It knows what we don’t. It believes in what we haven’t yet found within ourselves. It remembers what we have long forgotten.

In other words, we have forgotten that whatever comes our way is to bring us closer to the Divine, not take us further back. Trust in that. And see how you fly through every pause and stop and exclamation that life puts before you.