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Kneading Perfection

A friend mentioned how she had enjoyed the process of kneading dough and then watching it rise, becoming this wonderful multi-grain bread. No doubt,  every bit of that bread would have been the tastiest morsel ever for that is inevitable when one puts in one’s passion or enthusiasm in something – it cannot help but bear fruit. This is not something new – we all know it for we all have seen its play in our own lives. Each time we do something with our being fully immersed in it, with joy and love and boundless energy, we would have found a smile even in supposed failure.  But should all things go as planned and one sees before one’s eyes something being created, not just created, but transformed, it can truly be a remarkable experience.

Those who have chosen to walk the Path, have one agenda – transformation.  And this is not an easy goal to keep at the fore of one’s mind at all times.  The difficulties surrounding this Path are immense and one may doubt or question the point of walking at all. But if one brings in the visual of making bread, it suddenly seems not just easy, but downright sensible. We are but the dough and every difficulty that comes our way is nothing but the Hand which is kneading our being into a state of readiness, a state of perfection; for that to happen, the dough must yield to the Hand; it must surrender itself completely and accept whatever the Hand may choose to do. In the end, we too will emerge transformed, resplendent of all the joy and love and enthusiasm with which the Divine has worked upon us.

One has indeed chosen a delicious Path to walk on!


A few hours after I wrote this, I chanced upon a book: The Mother, Her Miraculous Touch. What was significant was the timing, which I don’t consider coincidental and instead see it as an affirmation of a realisation that came my way, in however small or simple a form. My words are mere bumbling in comparison but perhaps they were a necessary first step to understanding for myself what the Mother says in one of the passages I read:

…Thou art at work in each one of its cells to knead it and make it supple and enlighten it, and in the whole being, to arrange, to organise and harmonise it. Everything is in movement, everything is changing; Thy divine action makes itself felt as an ineffable spring of a purifying fire that circulates through all the atoms.

…O Lord, I implore Thee, hasten the blessed day when the divine miracle will be accomplished, hasten the day of the reaslisation of the Divine upon earth.

– The Mother