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Light on the First Supramental Manifestation

What took place on the 29th February, 1956 was a manifestation, not a descent.

Explaining the difference, the Mother points out that a descent in this context is more or less individual. One who aspires intensely for this Consciouness effects an ascent in his own being and establishes contact with it at some point. From there he opens out and enters into a relation with it. Each time he returns to his normal level of consciousness, he descends with something of this Consciousness. As a result of such series of ascents, stabilisation of relation and returns with the new charges, there is a steady descent of the Consciousness aspired for in the individual. This is what is known to have taken place in Sri Aurobindo: a constant relation with the supramental Consciousness had been established and periodic descents had occurred.

With the passing of Sri Aurobindo the phenomenon continued in the Mother, with an added force and intensity. As a result conditions were built up for a general manifestation of that Consciousness in the earth atmosphere. And when it did take place (in 1956), it was a flood of the supramental Light, Force and Power breaking through all barriers.

It may be asked why this manifestation passed practically unnoticed except by a very few. Answering this question, the Mother observes that only like recognises like. It needs a minimum advance preparation in consciousness to be able to recognise such ingressions of the higher Consciousness in the atmosphere. There must be some opening in the being to the characteristic vibrations of the supramental, some point of contact already established, in order to be sensitive to the presence of that Truth in the environment. Minds that are always or normally turned outward cannot recognise any such new phenomenon unless it shapes itself in strange or striking forms. Only miracles are noticed by the common mind.

Those, however, who have developed a strong inner life, do testify to a new element in the atmosphere which makes it easier for them to advance on their path. Pulls of lower nature, difficulties of vital interference, recurrence of doubts and other mental confusions, are now less resistant. Effort yields results more speedily. There is an unmistakable Power of peace and harmony pressing for formulation on the physical plane.

How long will it take for the new race of superman to appear? Well, it will not be tomorrow. The Mother points out that between the first appearance of Mind on earth and the arrival of man there was an interval of something like a million years. It may not – and will not – take that long now. For the circumstances are different. The ape did not expect or anticipate the coming of man at all. But man today is awaiting the birth of the superman. The higher mind of humanity is preparing for this advance in evolution and, in its own way, collaborating with Nature towards this next step. This element of awareness and readiness (to a certain extent) will surely telescope the time factor. And besides, there is the action of the Divine Grace. Even then it will be a long time before the race of the superman comes into being.

What is the kind of preparation to be done by the aspirant? To be aware of the existence of this Conscious­ness, to open to it, to receive it in a silent mind, a purified heart. Never to pull at it; to pull is a movement of egoism. To keep ready and vigilantly receptive with humility opens the doors for its entry. Man cannot dictate to it, he can only collaborate.


How do you recognise the presence of the supramental consciousness? How to know that a person is in touch with the supermind? The Mother answers categorically that there are two inevitable signs of the action of the supramental.

The first is a perfect and constant equality. It is not an equality that is induced by any mental will or yogic discipline. It is not equanimity either. When it is equanimity you suffer all kinds of impacts without reaction. You are stoical and are not disturbed when the experiences are hurtful, unwelcome. You do not rejoice when they are pleasant and welcome. You bear them philosophically. Even if there be a shrinking for a moment, you quickly recover, adjust yourself and accept the vibration. But the equality that the Mother speaks of is quite different. It is a state of consciousness in which every contact, every vibration is received in the same way. But it is not an indifferent way in which the good and the bad, the pleasurable and the painful, are taken in neutrally. The obvious distinctions between them are not missed. The consciousness receives each experience – whether welcome or unwelcome – in its true value and accepts it. In such a condition, there is a spontaneous perception of the divine purpose even behind an apparently perverse movement. You see the divine presence in everything, in every movement, and assimilate every impact in the same vision. Thus it is a positive equality that automatically gives every experience its true value. There is no question here of personal factors. And this equality is constant, not merely when you are in your best state. There is no negative vibration at any time.

The second sign is absoluteness of knowledge. The knowledge that is natural to the supramental consciousness is totally different from the mental knowledge. Mental knowledge, even at its best, is a conclusion. It is a conclusion of certain processes of approach, study, observation by the mind. The Mother describes even intuitions and revelations as coming in this category of conclusion. They are the result of certain operations in knowing. But the knowledge of the supramental is a fact. It exists by itself. It springs from identity. You are the thing that you know; in fact you know it because you are it. Naturally such a knowledge is infallible. Its certainty is self-evident and does not admit of being questioned: And along with this knowledge there is its inseparable power, the power of self-effectuation.

Both of these; the perfect equality that is spontaneous always and the absolute knowledge (with its power), are the gift of the supramental. They cannot be cultivated or won by human effort. Where the supramental is active – for however brief a period – these two are dynamically present. It is not that you can have them only after you have that consciousness established in yourself. Even if you are in contact with it, as long as that contact lasts, these signs are invariably there. It is possible to prolong their presence and action by cancelling yourself and let it stay uninterfered with in any manner. You must know how not to be.

M.P. Pandit
(M.P. Pandit came to the Ashram at a very young age. He is the author of a large number of books and articles on Integral Yoga and the Indian spiritual tradition. He was the Chairman of World Union International.)

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