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Limits of Science

Has science arrived at its limits? This is the subject of a debate doing the rounds in prominent scientific circles. The last limits of the atom have been probed, the last codes of the cryptic script of life are on the way to being cracked. The human brain is being intensively scanned and mapped to discover its complex networking. No doubt, there is much work still left to do but that is more in the field of application of the fundamental truths already discovered.

Has science not already declared in its gospel that man is but a little gene, a plasm worth nothing, a worm that thinks of itself too much yet starts from the dust and ends in the earth?

If man is nothing but chemistry then perhaps we have reached the limits of our exploration.
If this is so then all our searches, are in any case, meaningless. Or worse still, all our findings suspect! For it would mean that a group of complex chemicals were searching for their constituents. But chemicals do not search. If a group of complex chemicals develop an entirely new quality and property then we must look for its source elsewhere. We must look beyond chemistry and biology towards ‘That’, of which chemistry and biology are itself mere by-products and instrumental processes.

And in ‘That’ we shall also find the opening of a new horizon of science.

True, conventional science, the science built upon blocks of matter may have reached its limits. But where the old science ends, a new science begins. The science of the finite is necessarily limited but the science of the infinite moves in a limitless field. We have reached the last limits of the science of appearances, the last frontiers of form and phenomenon. But beyond it are the uncharted oceans of energies and forces, of beings without bodies and consciousness without form.

This now we must fathom. Having plunged into the dark void of matter we must cast our gaze deeper into that bodiless force out of which matter is born.