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Living the Praise

How often do we find that praise turns upon itself, wiping itself off the slate in the bargain?

Swami Vivekananda had said that one must be good for the sake of being good and not because it was expected of us or because it would put us under a unique spotlight. And yet we find, not just in others, but equally in ourselves, the tendency to showcase what may be ‘natural’ in us, giving it the appearance of an achievement. In other words, we teeter dangerously between living God’s gift to us and exhibiting that very gift to invite accolades, thereby nullifying the beauty, simplicity and value of the gift.

This applies not only to each and every one of us but also to the nation as a whole. India is branded as one of the last surviving ancient civilizations and her culture, diversity, traditions and values are being displayed and exported across the world. We are beating the drums to announce all that has been ascribed to us, proudly opening the visitors book for all to see what has been written since centuries. But if we were to simply ‘live’ those ancient values and breathe in our culture naturally, we wouldn’t need to advertise through ungainly methods and loud billboards, for the world would see… and if it admires and appreciates what it observes, then kudos to them for having their eyes open—one can only appreciate that which has already been awakened in oneself.

In the meantime, India would continue to live a life most natural, oblivious of the blaze of spotlights that the world shines on her, for the truly humble do not even realize that they are exceptional, and when it is brought to their notice, they smile quietly and offer the compliment to the One who made it possible.

On Sri Aurobindo’s birthday and also India’s day of freedom, let us all aspire as individuals and Indians, to remember not just the value of the gifts bestowed on us, but the necessity of giving ‘back presents’.

  • http://Website Saswata

    A true humble person does not ‘know’ he is humble. He has no ambition to show it or even think about his humility.

  • http://Website Amal Sircar

    Let me be grateful to the Divine, every moment of my life, for the precious gift of my life and live according to Thy Will. Kudos for the beautiful article.