Humanity: Today & Tomorrow|Mar 4, 2007 8:10 AM| by:

Looking Beyond

Science has reached a crossroads in its laborious journey through the tunnel of matter’s night. This journey, being lit only with mental lamps, raises more questions than it can possibly answer. What it has attempted and succeeded in achieving is an in-house perfection of matter through purely material means. But it has set a ceiling and limit to limitless possibilities. For example, it is possible to study and know all about the human body, rectify its defects by purely material means, yet know nothing about it at all, nothing about the forces that move it, nothing about its aim and purpose, let alone its driver and indweller.

One dreads the day when we have a physical cure for every disease, a pill for every ill. One dreads the day when our souls are put to sleep in the cradle of matter by an anaesthesia of physical comfort, robbing us of the urge to strive, live and be. Without this urge, the seed of God lies dormant under a heavy crust of habit, leaving its tasks unfinished since the world remains walled within its narrow limits of perfection.

But man’s quest for knowledge can lead him beyond the frontiers of matter to witness and embrace the Force from which matter is born. Man’s sense of self can lead him beyond the present notion that the body is his only self. Man’s need for love can lead him beyond merely a quantum unity of electrons and mutual chemistry towards a delight of existence that is independent of all outer props and supports. Man’s innate quest for immortality can lead him to the discovery of his deathless soul. For God is not asleep. And even though He might appear so in the distant stars and dusty earth, He rises and climbs in the trees, runs in the beast and thinks and feels in man.

This, not mere gadgetry or outer technological advancement, is man’s true hope. This is the Light and Bliss that he seeks outside but never finds, for it is not on the surface but in the depths.

In the dusk of the centuries we leave behind, we have discovered and mapped outer Space, understood the laws of Time, discovered the intricacies of the gene. But in future dawns, we shall explore the geography of inner Space and understand the Timeless that dallies with Time. We shall uncover the magic that sleeps within us, – the Causeless, the Omnipotent, the All-Knowing One.