Moments Winging By...|Aug 19, 2011 1:20 PM| by:

New Beginnings

It’s exhausting sometimes to try and keep up with life and the demands it makes of us. Just when we think we have a grip on things, out jumps an uninvited visitor. And so we get our act together to physically tackle and mentally wrestle this new occurrence. All energies go into it. Consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes we win, at other times, we seem to lose. It’s only a ‘seeming’ of events because in truth, every visitor, invited or uninvited, brings us a gift – the gift of a lesson. And even in what seems to be our failure to win or our apparent loss, there is something invaluable ready to be reaped and harvested for and by us. That is perhaps difficult to accept at the moment during which we are in the thick of our battle, but the truth behind appearances remains unchanged. It is really a question of our calling out for help at such a moment – not necessarily help in overcoming our circumstances but simply a call for help to be able to see that yes, this too has a role to play – help us to remember that and it becomes less of a struggle.

This is why in life when we put in all our effort and energy to walk to the end, the point at which we feel it is no longer possible to move another inch, is the exact point where our journey actually begins. But for that, we must rely not only on ourselves but the One who makes all journeys possible. It is with Grace that we will then take one more step, move that extra inch, and with that prove that we are up for the challenge to meet any visitor face to face.