Moments Winging By...|Feb 18, 2011 6:44 AM| by:

Playing Ball

Ever wondered what a ball feels like?

When someone throws it nice and high, it must soar with some sense of freedom. At times it gets thrown hard and violently, ready to be smashed against whatever it hits. Then there is the juggle, from one hand to another – one minute here, the next moment there. And there is playfulness in lighter moments, a teasing throw, a gentle one, a well-aimed toss.

That is what life does to most of us. It plays with us much as if we were the ball. All the situations and circumstances that come our way toss us around, at times nice and easy, at others with some rough playing. Perhaps one of the lessons behind this is to remain unmoved and calm whether the throw is gentle or whether it tries to knock us off our feet. But even while we are still trying to learn that lesson, which by the way, is extremely hard, there is something else that we can take solace in and which may just help us steady ourselves. If we believe that we are but the playthings of the Divine, if we truly feel that He is the one in charge then there is really nothing to worry about because God doesn’t let the ball fall.