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Project Warm!

We run, we hide, we pretend we can’t see. But we cannot ever fool ourselves enough into believing that He does not exist. There is a woodsman’s adage which goes:

“No matter how wet and cold you are, you’re always warm and dry on the inside.”

That warmth is the Presence. It is the Divine that resides deep inside. Look the other way by all means, but look within and you will always find the warmest smile greeting you.

But why are we saying this? Why are we telling you what you already know?

Simply for the reason that we are masters of forgetfulness. When the world starts to spin a little too fast, we lose our focus. When we lose our focus, we forget to concentrate on that point which is what keeps us well grounded. That point is inside us. And the only way to slow down the pace of the world is to return our gaze to the point. Hold it steady. That is all we can do. But it is enough. Don’t think of bigger projects – this itself is the biggest and most rewarding.

Here’s to staying warm and dry inside.

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    Thank you very much for the beautiful thoughts and wake-up call. We need to be reminded from time to time.