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Propaganda and Yoga

In all organisations, including those which may be spiritual in their objective, propaganda does invariably play a part in order to further the cause. But Sri Aurobindo was against any such activity for the Ashram and all that the Mother and he stood for.

As for propaganda I have seen that it is perfectly useless for us – if there is any effect, it is a very trifling and paltry effect not worth the trouble. If the Truth has to spread itself, it will do it of its own motion; these things are unnecessary.


Well-known or unknown has absolutely no importance from the spiritual point of view. It is simply the propagandist spirit. We are not a party or a church or religion seeking adherents or proselytes. One man who earnestly pursues the yoga is of more value than a thousand well-known men.

Sri Aurobindo

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    I agree with the view of our Master & the Mother on propaganda in this kind of spiritual activity. Perpetuating spirituality does not depend on man’s effort but his consent deep within.