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Right Here, Right Now…

The present is the most important moment.


Because that’s when we are taking decisions directly responsible for our future.

And the future is our goal.

And that’s why every little thought or deed that we express overtly or otherwise, weighs heavily, carrying within it the consequences for a time yet to come. Little do we realize what this very moment is leading up to, until of course the next moment arrives and we become full of gratitude or regret, depending on which way the wind blows.

But the fact is that the wind even though fickle by its very nature, is nevertheless easy to control, for all we have to do is change our own stance, our direction, face the other way and the wind adapts to new contours.

Awareness of each moment is possibly the most difficult task set before man. And yet, the trick to face raging storms lies precisely in this one word.

The country stands at the threshold of change – that is evident for all to see. Some say there is a shine, some say it isn’t enough, some say its only a fleeting play of dust in the sun. Whatever be the case, a movement has begun, and a movement is all it takes for one to say yes, we are off to somewhere.

Whether the shine of India will continue to glow, brighten, remove left over darkness in obscure corners remains to be seen, but the fact is that the step towards a more promising future has already been initiated – now it is for all of us to take that unanimous decision to spread the light. But one needs to be fully conscious and aware of the multitude of factors playing their many roles.

The beauty of this present moment is that the struggle for power or the victory that ensues is only one aspect of the ongoing politics – much in the same way that an ordinary consciousness sees a spark of the eternal Truth and forever chases that spark, the people of India too have seen that a better future awaits them, is practically within their reach if not already partly in their hands, and having had the glimpse can now chase that very prosperity and progress on their own, with or without the help of a so called government. That is where our power lies… in our own ability to make our dreams come true.

But wait… first one must understand that the word prosperity doesn’t mean only that of wealth, something to be counted and tucked into national piggy banks, but in fact extends its arms to every conceivable human area of existence – prosperity of mind, of health, of love, of spirit. Therein lies the key to a successful movement, a step towards a brighter and truly shining India.

Let each man feel himself to be a part of the collective movement that is leading towards tomorrow and by that conviction, work and walk towards it.

Be responsible. Be aware. The rest will follow…

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