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Saying Thank You

The other day a doctor was heard commenting on how those who benefited by him had the tendency to first thank god and only then thank him. This to his mind was trifle unfair for was he not the one to have administered the right treatment and achieved the right results? Perhaps.

But perhaps, there is also another consideration of how one is used as an instrument to attain the perfect results. The very fact that one has been considered as an appropriate conduit for this task would be tremendous and humbling. And that is what he failed to see, grabbing instead the accolade for himself and thereby ignoring or relegating the Grace which is bestowed on him to a distant corner.

This was an incident with the doctor but in fact it is something that many of us can relate to. There may have been numerous occasions when we may have achieved something and wanted to hold on to the praise or the attention either unaware that there is Divine presence behind everything or else knowing that it is there, we may still have asked the Lord to wait on the back bench while we bask in the moment.

What we do is best known to ourselves. It is not for one to call the other arrogant or humble. But it is this arrogance or humility that can transform us from being good conduits to exceptional instruments. The choice is yours to make.



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