Mind, Body, Soul|Oct 3, 2006 1:31 PM| by:

That, which we Seek

We seek a science that does not merely see aspects but the very face and body of Truth. We seek a technology that will not bind man to mute machines but one that will liberate him from all inner and outer strings that tie his feet to an animal past and clip the wings of his soul – the technology that builds immortal gods out of mortal men. We seek not just the law of each thing but also the law that puts each element in its true place in relation to the whole.

We seek not merely the truth of processes but the Great Process that links the distant galaxies and stars to the particles of dust below our feet – our worm-like past to the godlike future yet unborn. We seek a knowledge that does not change with time nor decay with the seasons, but the eternal timeless wisdom working itself out in the heart of the atom, even as it works in the mind of man. We seek a Power that does not merely heal or succour, protect or cure, but one that so radically transforms us, that disease, deformity and even death become an impossibility.

We seek the shadow less Light, the eternal Wisdom, immortal Truth, authentic Law, the vast and infinite Power and not the halfway-homes of truth or imperfect knowledge or diminished power or, indeed, a brilliant but misleading semblance of these things. That Truth, That knowledge, That Power is not found in the confines of the laboratory nor can it be tamed or tapped by the force of mind. It escapes the grasp of our senses and intelligence. It is not slave to any system or technique.

The nearest of the near is still the farthest of the Far. The smallest of the small still remains the vastest of the Vast. The oldest of the old is yet the newest of the New. It surprises us on all sides. When most understood, we least know it; when most possessed, we least possess it. It comes not by struggle but by surrender. It is not a fixed and inflexible law of truth nor a mechanical unconscious power, but a Supreme Consciousness that knows and moves all since it has become all and works in all, releasing in an ascending scale of potencies its own Idea-Force that hides behind its works.

In short, we are not looking for a technique, perfect or imperfect, but for God. For we believe that it is impossible to know anything in its reality or totality unless we know God. To emerge out of the ego-bound, sense-imprisoned, desire-driven, rationally limited mental consciousness and become one with the freedom and infinity of God is the doorway of a future science. The goal of our search is not the ray imperfectly deflected, distorted and diminished by the mind within. We seek rather the secrets and splendour of the sun that hides our bodies of clay and shines through this many-faceted world of forms and names.