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The Art of Appreciation

The other day someone mentioned that she was writing sample articles. As an answer to why, she said it was to test her capability to write. All skills must be tested for sure and it is but obvious that one should be one’s own judge first rather than letting others dictate whether one can or can’t do something. However, in today’s age and times, there is one more facet which needs to be tested by us for ourselves. The capability of understanding and appreciation.

It is all too apparent that the giants of art and literature, music and dance lived and delivered at a time which existed not too long ago. Their works are etched into history for eternity. And it is little wonder that an entire age was labelled as the Renaissance period. But they could not have existed nor succeeded to such an extent had there not been an appreciative audience – an audience that could get into the spirit of the works and enjoy and understand them. A painting without an observer looks lonely. A masterly work of literature without a reader merely collects dust. A brilliant composition falling on deaf ears sounds like empty notes. But put in the energy to absorb and the painting, thoughts and notes will fill up the room. They are but two sides of a coin – one needs the other to reach its fullest form of expression. For without enlightening and uplifting works of creativity, man is incomplete and will always remain just where he is without reaching for the branch to pull himself higher. He will exist no doubt as will the works of genius, for artistes will continue to create for themselves, but each alone, by himself.

It doesn’t mean that the past is where it all happened and the future looks bleak. But at present mediocrity has crept in; attention spans are shorter; intolerance is more; blind appreciation is rampant. And in all this, true genius takes a beating. It still exists and at times, thrives. But in a world full of people, it is miniscule.

And so we must each examine for ourselves if we also have the capability to appreciate and if we don’t, then we must awaken it from its slumber, nurture it and bring it back in us. And by so doing, a genius may be born and who’s to say who the genius is – the one who does or the one who receives or both?

  • http://Website Varsha Vora

    You write that the quality of ‘Appreciation’ is what we should cultivate – how true that is. Many times I have thought that there were so many geniuses in the renaissance period and wondered where they are now or even the political leaders are not of that noble calibre as before but little did I consider about how our lives these days are on such a fast lane that invariably we must be missing out on spotting and appreciating the geniuses who are there in the midst of us. Also, to compare with the olden times and values does not take us far. Thank you for awakening me to this truth. I am sure many readers of “Next Future” like me will feel the same way I do.

  • http://Website Indu Shankar

    very meaningful &thought provoking!