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The Big Question

It is an age of matter. An age where materialism governs everything. An era when man sees himself as nothing more than a swarm of quarks and photons whirling in empty space; an aimless freak born out of a series of chemical accidents in some primal soup.

But the ‘accidents’ have not ceased to be. The electrical energy which precipitated life is still there moving chemical reactions in cellular spaces.

We have also surrounded ourselves with numerous electric fields. Computers, TVs, microwaves, mobiles and refrigerators all press upon matter and throw their energy upon the original plasm. There is also a chemical, nuclear and other waste all impinging upon living organisms.

So will matter mutate again and change under the enormous pressure of the man-made environment? Will the body counter the growing number of pollutants added each year? Will we adapt to the new environmental challenges or perish as ‘a missing link’ for future species?

The ‘chemical soup’ out of which life first arose continues to flow inside us carrying the aroma of the earth and the power of matter. It contains concealed in it the great World Energy, the Creatrix Consciousness which has been moving from Matter to Life to Mind…

Is there now a beyond where Spirit and Matter can mingle and become one?

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